Overall, for textbook writers in Japan, we operate as an incubator, facilitator, a start-up mechanism to have any writer achieve ignition, a boost, lift-off and flight.

Everyone wants lowest costs, but superior quality, guarantees, services galore and communication in his own language and culture with terms he comprehends and seeks. We do our best. How? By long-term relations with mid- sized national printers, only between Japanese firms. Our role is to deliver volume to printers. Low rates to clients encourages this volume, and in return, wholesale cost levels are achieved. Yet, the manner of this industry is that rates are seasonal and are affected by fluctuations in currency markets, paper supplies, ink prices. Not least, every meeting and discussion is a poker game. However, once a quoted estimate is given, with its schedule parameters, and terms agreed, it is honoured. A fresh quote re-sets all discussion. So this is not the realm of high retail fixed prices, but constantly ebbing and flowing, floating wholesale rates, similar to a stock market, with us as a broker.

Ask yourself what fits your needs and abilities. We have 4 paths.

One, to simply print and ship one time in bulk. Best offset presses only, minimum 1000 copies. Anything less is a minor retail affair, where one should visit a small shop. At 1500 -5000 copies, you give us negotiation power, and rates drop accordingly. This is for someone who has family, staff or the wherewithal and inclination to do all the constant office, negotiation and communication work necessary in dealing with bookstores. Don’t kid yourself. There is expertise, experience, legal knowledge, cultural sense, guts and more involved. Some people can do this, and we applaud them, happily support them, encourage them, seek them out. But most stumble and falter, collapse. Please be wise with this choice. A prudent first step is to ask us to distribute and negotiate.

Lowest rates. Highest quality. Challenge us. Make our day.

Two, to print, negotiate, warehouse, distribute. To do it all, and at very friendly rates. This means constantly operating an office with staff. You write your book, introduce and popularize it. We do the constant careful back-end logistics, the business end. Your return, per volume, will be within your control, agreed, confirmed and high.

Three, to introduce you to conventional publishing houses. Some folks want this, and for good reasons. It looks impressive on resumes when out seeking faculty positions. There is zero financial return in this for us, but it is a necessary favour, and thanks to Joe Ciunci, we are happy to provide it. We’ll give a few tips, but you’ll be responsible for the deal that you make. And if you find yourself delayed, on a back burner, shelved, in limbo – well, then hustle back here and let us get you set and printed for the coming season, any way you like.

Four, to introduce all the skilled people one finds one needs when creating a print-ready digital version of a book, and delivering it to market. This takes months of preparation, and 2019 is enough for the 2020 spring season. Adobe InDesign layout experts at reasonable rates, artists, graphic image sourcing staff, website designers at fractions of current market prices, videographers, social media mavens, all this. Do we have all this for you this moment? No, not this moment, but we’re working on it, particularly a stable of good Adobe InDesign layout craftsmen and women. And you will be able to work with a coordinating manager, but without a markup. Nothing in this for us, except that you may be ready to print. And that’s good enough. Your success is our success.