Textbooks need teamwork for sales.

And teamwork is rewarded by recognition, name, honorariums, friendships, favours returned, introductions to new positions, networking. All kinds of good things, people helping each other’s projects. Just look at how major publishers have field trials with 300-400 instructors. That’s what guarantees success. So simple. Just do it.

So here is the place to send the call out for folks to test-drive your inventions, shift them, rev their engines, kick the tires, take them out on the track, accelerate.

Here’s one such book. Main use is as a composition text, but fits creative and practical academic writing courses.

Author: Richard Rowat
Publisher: Weissman Press
ISBN: 978-4-9905671-5-6

50-60 collaborators sought.
Very generous recognition, honorariums ongoing.
Should be real trained talented teaching folks, though, not lazy fakes.
Reviews? One famous writer called it “Sublime.” Who ever says that about a language book?
Building extensive website, videos, supporting PDFs for the book in 2019.
Watch this space. More to come. Have a need? Interested to participate with authors?

Contact Duncan [email protected]

And when you’re seeking collaborators, too, your book will be here!