We’ve been printing and distributing since 2011, purely domestically, and have found that we can be most efficient by focussing on the 940 colleges and universities.
There are three parties managing, plus minor staff. Facilities are all wholly-owned, temperature and humidity-controlled, secure with a security service. Total floor area is 450 square metres. This means actual shelf storage surface area above 600 square metres. This is potential space for more than 100,000 volumes at one time. Location is next to Osaka, shipping time nationwide is 1-2 days, Hokkaido and Okinawa 3 days, all transport accounts are business at lowest cost, using 
Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, Fukuyama Transportation.
I am Duncan White, in Kansai since 1985, the coordinator for English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese. Suzuki Shoten and its directors handle all printing negotiations and relations with printers and bookstores, oversee storage, and have been in business since 1945. Joe Ciunci, a veteran writer in this market, with a very long publication list, deals with all outside publishers and introductions to their editors and directors.

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