Highest Quality

Lowest Cost

1 Print and Ship

Pro: Very cheap
Con: You must distribute

This is the simplest, most straightforward option. Tell us the basic parameters of your textbook.  Basically, number of pages, page size, colour or mono. We’ll give options, deliver a quote.  Send print-ready file with a small deposit. We deliver a sample. You inspect carefully, approve. We set schedule, then follow it. Printing and shipping to you is normally 10-12 days.

2 Print and Distribute

Pro: Very cheap
Con: Nothing

This is the easiest, and most profitable. Same as Option 1, PLUS: We do it all. We print and warehouse, negotiate with bookstores, set prices, fulfill all orders, accept returns, answer phones, send faxes, growl at bookstore staff,  fiddle with all the finer points of Japanese niceties, maintain accounts, maintain an office, monitor payments, make prompt payment to you, perform accounting.  We do all the work 12 months a year, all paperwork, all legal, all done, on time. Dirt cheap. 

3 Introductions

This is a gift, and it is freely given. Whenever you’re game to approach major Japanese and foreign publishers, our staff will send you their way, with a little advice. Of course, all publishers will be impressed to see a track record of sales and reviews. Score a contract. But then, you’ll have to adjust to someone else’s agenda and terms. Anyway, we’re happy to help. Best of luck to you. We receive nothing.

4 Collaborate and Prepare

There are two aspects here. One, to collaborate with other writers to expand marketing, co-operate, share insights. Two, to have low-cost, high-value assistance in layout design, editing, proofreading, website design, teacher’s manual production, video and supporting material creation. This takes many months. Get on our mailing list now. Start.